Our Geomarketing solutions provide geographic information such as number and types of households from a precise geographically delimited area or densities of customers from different locations in a given geographic area.
Information is used for building field communication strategies, taking decisions about opening a commercial point or optimizing logistics activity from a certain area.

Isochrones Customers density analysis
– Number of households/inhabitants around a point of interest, up to “x” minutes by car or foot;
– Households within isochrones can be segmented into buildings, villas or houses.
– Representation on the map.

Analysis of the commercial influence area

– Include isochrones;
– Resulting data can be overlaped with other data;
– May include the competitors’ shops position, their isochrones and the analysis of overlapping areas.

The goal: territorial optimization of advertising (leaflets distribution, outdoor, hand-to-hand).
– Connection with the geographic database;
– For each geographic segment (relatively comparable homogeneous areas of 500 – 1,000 households) a percentage of households is calculated;
– Areas representation on a heat map based on the target density.Geocoding– In the database enrichment process, we can add location information: longitude and latitude in order to facilitate the geomarketing analyses;
– Processing of the customer database – recommended with Date Curate (”Clean Data”) is required;
– Localization of information source: Geographic Database.


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