Rewards and Incentive Programs

Launching a motivation and incentive program where each partner wins is simple. Business partners are permanently connected with the brand, they set their own sales goals and redeem prizes based on the level of performance achieved. Rewards Direct and Rewardiful are our platforms that can support any long term loyalty strategy.

Rewards Direct

Rewards Direct is a complete reward and incentive management solution that supports sales performance through loyalty programs for sales channels and partners.

Setting the motivation program with Rewards Direct:

1. Partners/vendors enrollment;
2. Communication with the partners using multi-channel marketing solutions;
3. Partners collect points according to their performance and reward level;
4. Partners choose their prizes;
5. Prizes are dispatched and their delivery is checked;
6. Sales performance tracking for each partner, geographic region or entire program.

A percent of the partners sales can be the base for the reward program, allowing an accurate control of the rewarding level.
The access to reports about partners results, achieved level of points, or campaign performance is done in real time.

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Rewardiful is a fast and efficient SaaS solution for rewarding the partners, vendors, influences and customers. Trade campaigns, incentive, rewarding or loyalty clubs can be built in just a few hours.

The steps of starting the program:

1. We activate a Rewardiful instance and personalize the client’s brand page;
2. We upload the database with the data of partners or users and assign them points based on performance;
3. Partners enrolled in the program will order the desired prizes from a catalog with over 500 prizes and we will dispatch the prizes within 2 – 5 business days.

Rewardiful is a platform that allows a permanent communication with partners about marketing activities, promotions and their activity within the program, keeping them connected with the brand for a long term.

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