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The personalized SMS campaigns are effective to the customers! Launching a new service, a new product, reactivating inactive customers, cross-selling and upselling are just some of the scenarios where SMS marketing can be the ideal solution. Any offer can fit in 160 characters by building landing pages, which are accessible through the short URL within the message we send.

Reach SMS

We run SMS campaigns on selections from the rental databases of 4 million users and/or selections from the client’s database. We apply specific segmentation criteria based on potential consumers’ profile. In order to attract new customers, we can also exclude the existing customers from the selection.

Database segmentation criteria: 4 million opt-in customers: Campaign stages:
– Age
– Gender
– Address
– Estimated income
– Phone type / model
– Operating system
– Geo-location
– Services used, e.g., roaming in a particular country
– Postpaid customers: 1,8 mil.
– Prepaid customers: 1,4 mil.
– Business customers: 0,8 mil.
– Selecting the consumer profile;
– Conceiving the message/messages of campaign;
– Designing the campaign – mixing with other channels, collection of the campaign results;
– Initiating the pilot project;
– Adjusting the campaign;
– Running the campaign;
– Real-time reporting.

Location Based Service (LBS)

We use SMS campaigns to address a particular target from a geographic area or from a specific location using rental databases or customer’s own database. By combining the two databases, we can simultaneously send different messages to the existing customers and to the potential customers located in a clearly defined location.

How we do the targeting? Whom we address to? How it works?
1. Traffic analysis allows the addition of a geographic profiling to the target audience;
2. Real-time: targeting existing customers or prospects located in a particular location or area, who also meet a set of pre-established criteria.
1. Both existing and potential customers, which are located in a geographic area delimited by our geofencing system with an accuracy of up to 500 m;
2. The existing customers or a specific target located in commercial areas, office buildings or malls.
1. Delimitate the specific area or location;
2. Segment the databases and determine their volume;
3. Create the personalized messages;
4. Our system analyzes the profile of customer and sends the specific message for the selected profile;
5. Reporting;
6. Adjust the campaign;
7. Start over.


It is a 24/7 available application that allows sending text messages to a personal database.

How do I manage my SMS campaigns? How does it work?
1. The application is easy to use and after creating an account the client can manage their campaign;
2. Mediaposte Hit Mail team can then manage campaigns at the client requests.
Campaign message can be tested before launching by using the test section.
1. The client goes to and creates an account;
2. He/she uploads their database in accepted formats;
3. He/she uploads a specific messages for the target segments in the database;
4. He/she sends personalized messages to the database.

Essential practices

1. We add value in each message, e.g., a promotional code, an anniversary discount, a welcome bonus;
2. We use short URLs;
3. We use personalized sender;
4. We offer call center support for actions and products that require additional information;
5. We analyze the information we receive and apply changes (if applicable) for campaign optimization;
6. We conduct segmentation and remarketing processes.


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