Product Info Line

Our solution supports customer-centric approach for online stores or brands that want to develop a long-term relationship with their customers.
Providing information about the product through our call-center will make your customers shopping experience more enjoyable.
Unpleasant consumer experiences with the product are unavoidable, but a careful and well-trained call-center can mitigate the negative impact caused by these experiences.
There is a priority that any request or complain be answered and resolved as soon as possible.

Telephone / Chat / Whatsapp / Facebook Messenger

When you need a product info line Essential deliverables
– Recommended: for a long term, when support a brand image;
– After a product launch;
– When the product requires after-sales services;
– When a product or service is updated
– Recording of calls according to GDPR norms;
– Integration of chat module on the promotion page;
– Real-time access to calls;
– Detailed real-time reporting;
– Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) databases.


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